DUCKCHAR Referral Program

Terms and Conditions:


New Customer – Individual who has never purchased DUCKCHAR.

Referral Program Member – Individual who has previously purchased DUCKCHAR.


Referral Program Member’s Eligibility

In order to participate in the DUCKCHAR Referral Program, Referral Program Member’s must meet the following conditions:

  1. Previously purchased DUCKCHAR.

Referral Program Member’s Coupon Eligibility

In order for a Referral Program Member to receive a discount code through the DUCKCHAR Referral Program, the Referral Program Member and New Customer member must:

  1. Referral Program Member must Refer DUCKCHAR to a New Customer;
  2. New Customer must purchase either All Natural Moulard Duck Breasts or Smoked Moulard Duck Breast;
  3. New Customer must submit to DUCKCHAR Referral Program Member’s unique referral code upon New Customer’s DUCKCHAR purchase;
  4. Once the New Customer’s purchase is verified by DUCKCHAR, the Referral Program Member will receive a discount code entitling the Referral Program Member to one (1) free unit of DUCKCHAR with a purchase of Moulard Duck Breast six (6) Count. Thus, the Referral Program Member will receive seven (7) Moulard Duck Breast for the price of six (6) Moulard Duck Breasts.

Additional Rules and Limitations:

  1. The New Customer and Referral Program Member cannot reside at the same address;
  2. The Referral Program Member can receive up to ten (10) referral coupons;
  3. DUCKCHAR’s Referral Program terms and conditions are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice to Referral Program Members.