Tastes like Steak with a Rich Duck Flavor Twist

Prepare, cook and enjoy DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast just like steak. Throw some on the grill, in the pan or oven and make 'em your way


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All Natural Moulard Duck Breast

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Our OG offering: premium steak with a rich duck flavor twist. 


Smoked Moulard Duck Breast 

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Applewood smoking that takes a rich & bold flavor to new, smoky heights. 


Smoke Somethin' 

 Smoke somethin' dry rub and seasoning 

 A smoky paradise with just the right amount of heat awaits.


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Easy Moulard Duck Breast Cooking 

How to Grill on Pellet Smoker

How to Pan Sear


The Moulard Duck

Our products come from Moulard Ducks -  a special hybrid breed you won't find around these parts.

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Our Story

It all started in the heart of Moulard Duck country.

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Recipe of the Week

An amazing reason to wake up early...

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What Our Customers Think


"DUCKCHAR brought new meaning to duck for me. The compact, lean, meaty cut has a lot of applications. I'm a big fan."

-Zack Eastman, Saved By The Max


"DUCKCHAR quickly became a family favorite! The taste is amazing, like beef tenderloin only better...leaner and richer."

-Shannon, Customer


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Duck Cooking Tips

How to get perfectly crispy skin is just the start.

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