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This Duck is Different.


Red Meat-Free

DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast looks and “feels” like steak. But it’s not red meat. It’s poultry and it’s better for you. If you can cook steak, you already know how to cook DUCKCHAR.


15 Minute Duck


3 Easy Steps


Score the skin. Just don’t cut into the meat.


Season with salt and pepper or your favorite rub.


Grill or pan sear in just 15 min! Smoking it is worth the wait, too.


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The Moulard Duck

Our products come from Moulard Ducks -  a special hybrid breed you won't find around these parts.The Moulard is a hybrid - a cross between a Muscovy and Pekin duck. The Moulard inherits the best of both worlds from each of its parents: hearty, lean, meat with a one-of-a-kind rich duck flavor. This duck is a chef's dream. It has a familiar feel thanks to its steak-like properties: deep red coloring, texture and cooking techniques. With just salt and pepper, the "beefy" breast meat should be seared to a medium rare doneness. Smoking the breast meat is another great option.

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What Experts Think:

"Most people, including me, think of duck breast as a luxury food enjoyed exclusively in restaurants, but DUCKCHAR makes preparing restaurant-quality duck at home so easy. I like to cook it slowly in a pan on the skin side until crispy and browned, then on the flesh side just until medium-rare. The moulard breast in particular is just as juicy, flavorful, and satisfying as steak, but generates less smoke and mess during cooking. Duck is such a welcome change from the typical red meat or chicken, and DUCKCHAR makes it surprisingly convenient to enjoy at home."

-Claire Saffitz, Host & Recipe Developer