The Story

Our story begins in 2010 in the heart of duck country: Southwestern France.

Davi was working as a high school teacher in the suburbs of Bordeaux during a yearlong teaching exchange program. Between countless homemade meals, dinners at “duck only” farm-to-table restaurants (literally, every dish was made of duck), and even late night gatherings at friends’ apartments featuring regional wine and cured duck meat, Davi learned that duck cuisine was a way of life in his new home. He was hooked.

When Davi returned to the US, he wanted to add this newfound appetite to his old routine. He tried to find cuts of duck meat like those he regularly picked up on his way home after stressful teaching days: easy-to-cook, flavorful food that provided instant satisfaction after a long day’s work. But those giant, succulent duck breasts he purchased in French grocery stores were nowhere to be found. And the stand-in duck products he could get his hands on didn’t work. Besides being a hassle to find, substitutes didn’t taste right or were too difficult to prepare and cook. He wanted food that fit his diet and busy American lifestyle: hearty meat involving minimal prep & cook time always ready for the grill.

Why weren’t these products available and why wasn’t anyone complaining about it? 

Davi joined forces with his brother, Josh, to figure it out. They found a simple, two-part explanation.

First, most US duck companies weren’t producing the same hearty pieces of meat Davi had craved and instead were raising an alternative duck breed. As a result, their products didn’t address the needs of people like Davi and Josh. Second, most consumers just didn’t know a lot about duck. Some considered it too fancy or challenging to prepare and cook, or they ate duck, but only as a dining out option. Others felt it didn’t fit their routines and hadn’t given it a try. In short, many folks didn’t think they were missing out on anything.

We launched DUCKCHAR to share our love for duck cuisine with Americans like us. Equipped with high quality, delicious duck products that aren’t too fancy or unfamiliar, we provide thoughtful food options that effortlessly fit into traditional culinary routines.

We believe duck is a lot more familiar and adaptable to the American lifestyle than most people think – and that you don’t have to go out of your comfort zone to find that out. Don’t believe us? We’re happy to prove you wrong :)