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Duck + Your Diet


You care about the foods you eat and how they impact your health. Good, you should. Learn how duck makes your life healthier and tastier.



Medium rare duckchar moulard duck breast, sliced and ready-to-eat.

With around 29 grams of protein per pan seared serving (113g), DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast can fuel your healthy lifestyle and add some excitement to your diet and appetite.

Benefits of Duck

Smoked moulard duck breast plate with roasted poblano, portabella mushrooms, and sweet potatoes 

Duck is a terrific source of minerals, vitamins, and high-quality protein made up of a wide variety of important amino acids. The Moulard Duck not only has a superior taste, but also is leaner than its Pekin relative (the duck usually available in the US) thanks to its other family member, the Muscovy.

Duck Fat

Roasted duck fat potatoes with jalapeno and cilantro

Duck fat is a flavor and texture enhancer (think super crispy potatoes). Healthy monosaturated fats make up a good portion of duck fat. Compared to animal fats like beef, pork or butter, duck fat contains a fair amount of oleic acid. Learn more about duck fat >