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 Cooking Tips

Simple tricks and pointers to take duck cuisine to the next level


Keys to Crispy Skin

3 pointers for perfectly crispy Moulard duck breast

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How to Score

If you're new to scoring, don't worry. It's easy. With a few tips and tricks in mind, you'll make perfectly crispy duck skin every time.

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Controlling the Flames

Moulard duck breast should be charred - not burned.


Rendering Duck Fat

Render the duck fat now and save it for later. It'll be your favorite cooking oil in no time. Plus it keeps in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

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Smoker Set Up Guide

If you're new to smoking, this guide will get you started.


How to Thaw

Your DUCKCHAR will ship and arrive frozen. Each duck breast is individually packaged in vacuum-seals. You'll have to plan just a bit so that each piece is ready for the cast iron, grill or smoker when you are.

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