The Basics

DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast comes from a special breed of duck pretty much unknown to people in the US. The duck is called a Moulard. Moulard Ducks are a hybrid duck breed - a cross between a Pekin and Muscovy duck. Each Moulard Duck breast is as large as a steak, typically ranging between 12 and 16 ounces per piece. DUCKCHAR's deep red coloring, familiar look, texture and cooking technique might have you thinking you’re eating beef tenderloin after your first bite. Don’t be fooled! It’s not red meat. DUCKCHAR’s distinctly rich and familiar taste is one of a kind. It’s duck at its best.




1) Score
Score the skin. Just don’t cut into the meat


2) Season
Season with salt and pepper or your favorite rub.


3) Cook
Pan sear, grill or smoke. You can’t go wrong.

Try DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast