Should You Eat Red Meat?


Juicy, tender ribeye. Carne asada flank steak. The perfect burger (and fries). Ribs (nuff said). We can all agree that red meat is delicious. But, when it comes to whether we should be eating it... that’s another story.

The bad news:
According to the the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cancer research agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, red meat is a probable carcinogen - meaning red meat probably causes cancer. Red meat includes beef, pork, lamb and goat.

Listen, WHO! You didn’t have to say goat “probably causes cancer” to convince us not to eat it. We’ll stick to the chèvre and be just fine, thanks. The other types of red meat are tricky to cut from our diets, though, since they taste so good.

The good news:
Okay, so what’s the good news? No one said to go cold turkey. An occasional burger is OK. But minimizing red meat consumption is important for colon health.

The silver lining here is the opportunity to explore delicious red meat substitutes. Moulard duck breast > is a great response to cravings for a hearty steak. You prepare and cook it just like a steak: salt + pepper, then grill or pan sear. And you enjoy it just like a steak: 16 ounces/piece of medium rare goodness, with a familiar steak-like texture and deep red coloring. It gets better, too. While Moulard duck breast come in a “steak-like package,” the flavor is rich and unique - something only Moulard duck can provide. And even though it reminds you of red meat, it’s not. It’s poultry. So, you’re good.