Two Zone Grill: BBQ Duck Breast

DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast getting placed indirect heat on a two zone charcoal configuration

When we grill our Moulard Duck Breast over charcoal, we almost always use a two zone charcoal configuration. With such a thick and delicious layer of fat on the duck breast, the meat is much more vulnerable to fiery flair-ups that if not controlled, will burn your duck to bits.

Grilling duck is easy, but you can't just toss it on the grill without putting a little thought into how heat will be controlled. A simple two zone set up will do the trick and keep your dinner safe. If you prefer a little more "char" on each side of the duck (like we do), place the duck directly over the coals for 30 sec to 1 min - but only after the your duck is cooked to its desired doneness.

In short, the two zone charcoal configuration is great for roasting. We're talking whole chickens, veggies, and of course duck.