Easter Sunday Planning


Easter Sunday is coming up. And for a lot of folks, that means preparing food for a lot of people. Cooking and creating a cool table setting is fun. Rushing around at the last minute is not. Like anything, if you plan and get a few things together ahead of time, the hours leading up to your big meal will certainly be more pleasant. Here are some tips to make your next meal spectacular and less stressful:

Al Fresco
Spring is here and for those lucky enough, the weather is warming up. Consider enjoying your meal Al Fresco. If this is the first time you’ve used your porch or patio since Fall you’ll likely need to clean your patio furniture or move it out of storage.  And if you’re outdoor table is looking a little dingy, look no further than your trusty spring inspired table cloth to mask your table. Target has a great selection here.  This is a perfect chore to nail before Sunday. You’ll find out if you are missing chairs or need to replace furniture. Most importantly, your outside dining experience will be set up before Sunday.

Flowers bring the table to life. Our favorite flower hack is heading to Trader Joe's and buying handfuls of the $2.99/$3.99 flower arrangements. If you prefer the traditional florist route but don’t want the same floral arrangement as everyone else - ask your florist to surprise you. They will gladly oblige. They get sick of creating the same Easter floral arrangements too and are happy to throw a dose of creativity and originality into your floral spread. You want fresh flowers so plan on a Saturday trip to Trader Joe’s or a Saturday delivery from your florist.

Alternative Table Arrangements
Sick of Flowers? Want a cost-friendly way to create a spring vibe? Consider decorating your table with lemons and limes. Again, Trader Joe’s is your best friend. Purchase a couple of bags of lemons and limes and arrange in a clear bowl or vase. The arrangement provides great color and contrast. It gives your table a Spring/Mediterranean vibe while not burning a hole through your wallet. For inspiration check out Pinterest. Plus, you can reuse the lemons and limes later for seasoning or made-from-scratch salad dressing.