Introducing DUCKCHAR Duck Fat




We are excited to announce the newest addition to the DUCKCHAR family – DUCKCHAR Duck Fat. From the start, our customers have raved about the flavor of DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck’s duck fat. In the past, we always suggested that our customers save the rendered duck fat for later use. Well we have made it even easier. You should still save the rendered fat but we now offer DUCKCHAR Duck Fat for everyday cooking.  Plus, it is easy to use. Just substitute DUCKCHAR Duck Fat for whatever cooking oil your recipe previously calls for and cook away. 

Duck Fat is often times referred to as “liquid gold” because of its unique, addictive flavor and ability to transform the simplest dish into an offering worthy of a place on a Michelin Star rated restaurant’s menu. It is that dynamic. 

Still don’t believe in the magic of duck fat? Well here is a simple challenge. Everyone likes fries. They might be the most universally adored food in the world (sorry, chocolate). Make two batches of fries. For the first batch use your typical cooking oil. For the second batch, use DUCKCHAR Duck Fat. We know which is better. We are just waiting for you to find out for yourself.

Lastly, we love seeing what DUCKCHAR aficionados prepare with our product. Please help us expand our recipe catalog by sending your DUCKCHAR duck fat creations to We will give you a shout out and you’ll help the DUCKCHAR community expand its DUCKCHAR Duck Fat repertoire. 

Happy Tasting.