Normally, we blog about DUCKCHAR Duck Breasts (shameless plug), but today, lets talk about what’s on everyone’s mind: Halloween costumes. You’re in luck because when we aren’t thinking about duck, we’re thinking about costumes.

Here are three awesome costume tips to make this year’s Halloween extra special:

1. Be a character from The Walking Dead - preferably Rick. That way you’ll have an excuse to run around the costume party while simultaneously crying and yelling, “Carl! Carl! Carl!” over and over again.

2. Choose a classic: the bumblebee or ladybug. Believe it or not these costumes are unisex and guaranteed crowd pleasers. If you’re short on time, be a ladybug. It’s so easy that we’re not going to provide tips for pulling the costume together. If you can’t figure it out yourself, you don’t deserve to be a ladybug this year. The bumblebee is the “it person” at the party. This costume is the perfect combination of stripes and cute. Just don’t rub honey all over your body. Keep it in the jar, please.

3. You were probably hoping that our third idea would follow a “saved the best for last” pattern – WRONG. Instead lets talk about what you should not be this year for Halloween: yourself. That’s right. We said it. Any other day of the year, you should absolutely be yourself – not on Halloween, though. Anything from a simple prop to extravagant face paint will do. Just be something or someone.