Duck Name Confusion: Moulard v. Mallard

When there's talk about different types of ducks - especially Mallard and Moulard ducks - confusion almost always ensues. Time to clear it all up once and for all.

Mallard v. Moulard

Let's be clear. Mallard Ducks are not the same as Moulard ducks. Actually, they couldn't be more different from one another. The only common ground you'll find between the two of them is their similar sounding names, which doomed them to be confused with one another (until now). Mallard ducks are what you'd find in the great outdoors. Think ponds, parks, forest, you name it - that's a Mallard. Like other trophy animals, they are sought by hunters. And like most sport hunting wildlife, they have a very gamey flavor.

Moulard ducks are domesticated. You'll never find one in the wild. They are prized for their rich, bold and beefy flavor. The breast meat is especially steak-like and unlike any other fine cut of meat that exist. In short, it's everything you love about a fine steak except with a unique rich duck flavor twist that only the Moulard duck can provide. It's duck at its best.