The Moulard Duck



The Moulard is a special duck breed. It's a hybrid cross between the common Pekin duck and lesser known Muscovy duck.



The texture is very similar to a fine steak. It has a familiar quality that makes you feel like you've been eating it your life - that is until you enjoy it's uniquely rich flavor.



What's the best way to describe the rich and delicious flavor of our Moulard Duck Breast? It's premium steak with a rich duck flavor twist - new, different and familiar all at once.



Your Health


Red Meat Consumption

Most things we eat should be in moderation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), red meat is a probable cause of cancer. For many of us, red meat plays and important role in our diets. It not only adds incredible taste to our eating regimens but also provides some of our most flavorful meals. Scaling back consumption is challenging if there isn't a good option replace it.


Red Meat Substitute

Thanks to its steak-like qualities in terms of cooking style, flavor, texture and appearance, Moulard Duck Breast is an excellent substitute for your favorite type of red meat whether it's a strip steak or tenderloin. It also fits into many typically red meat based-recipes and provides some extra benefits such as uniquely rich duck flavor.