The Moulard Duck

Even if you're a duck cuisine veteran, the Moulard Duck is likely new to you. 

Cooking Style

This duck is a chef's dream. It has a familiar feel thanks to its steak-like properties: deep red coloring, texture and cooking techniques. With just salt and pepper, the "beefy" breast meat should be seared to a medium rare doneness. Smoking the breast meat is another great option. The legs can be roasted or made into a delicious and rich confit. 



Thanks its rich flavor, various cooking applications, and mild temperment, the Moulard has been produced widely across places like W. Europe since the mid 1900's.


Hybrid Duck

The Moulard is a hybrid - a cross between a Muscovy and Pekin duck. The Moulard inherits the best traits from each of its parents: hearty, lean meat with a one of a kind rich duck flavor.