4 Ways To Upgrade Your Housewarming Party


You finally “got the job,” upgraded your living quarters, and ordered some 4k UHD TVs via Amazon Prime to watch from the comfort of all your new furniture. Suddenly, you’ve gone from having one “comfortable” spot on a beat up but beloved couch to too many options. Having some friends over might be a good idea. But who wants to invite friends over for just another housewarming soirée: good wine, apps, edgy tunes. It’s all been done before. You need to do something different.

Here’s 4 easy upgrades:

You want to look cool, right? Well everyone looks trendier when the room is darker. Use your dimmers and set the mood.

It’s exciting to host a party. It’s so exciting that your heart might beat really fast, leaving you with an urge to dance HARD. Don’t let BPMs match your heart rate, though. Keep it under 100, folks. Genre is up to you.

Something that is different but also easy-to-make since planning a party alone is lots of work. Go with Moulard duck breasts >. No one you know has tried that dish (trust us) and they are delicious and totally easy to cook. Don’t admit that they were easy to make, though, and everyone will be impressed you finally mastered the art of cooking.

We’re judged by the people who we surround ourselves with. If you have some wild card friends, leave them off the e-vite and hire some good looking actors with creative backstories to walk around the party and make small talk with your actual friends for a few hours (kidding).


Have fun!


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