Halloween Guide: Give The Kids What They Want


Halloween is here. For the adults who celebrate, most partook in the revelry this weekend and got their alter ego/dashed childhood dreams out of their system (I’m looking at your Mr. Astronaut). Tonight though is the big show. It is what Halloween is all about and neighborhoods around the country are preparing to be swarmed with candy crazed toddlers, preschoolers, grade schoolers, middle schoolers and high schoolers who aren’t being ironic (just a little creepy). Parents will be present too with varied excitement. Some may have same as much enthusiasm as a recent jury duty selectee others may still have a bit of the Saturday night revelry left in their system.


This post isn’t for tricker treaters or the parents. It is for YOU - the homeowner who is expecting tricker treaters but may not have kids (this post won’t get into why you’re an empty nester). You control how the night is going to go for all the kids on the block. Don’t screw it up. Here are a few tips to make every kid happy and maybe make you smile along the way.

Your House
No one likes approaching a dark house. Especially one that is not decorated. Kids though - they want that candy. So they will probably approach regardless. Make your house less eerie. Turn on the lights. Pick up pumpkins at Home Depot. Light a few candles and drape the bushes with cobwebs. If the White House can throw together decorations so can you.

Your Appearance
No one likes being overdressed. Not even 5 year olds. So when Batman and Superwoman come begging for a sugar high, answer the door in some sort of costume. You can even run to the convenience store and get devil horns. Just don’t be that guy/girl who can’t be bothered by an outfit change.

This by far is the most important thing. Have good candy. Go all out. The more you have, the better. And if you buy too much you can always bring it into the office the next morning. Don’t worry that the tricker treaters’ teeth may rot or they might go into a sugar induced coma  because after all - they aren’t your kids. No need to get full candy bars but make sure you have the staples: M&Ms, Hershey's Kiss, Snickers, Twizzlers, Reese's peanut butter cups are the top 5 candies on USA Today’s List. Giving away one piece is a tease, two pieces is reasonable and any number above that is the best house on the block.

Worst Case Scenario
You are getting slammed at work and can’t man the door all night giving out candy. Don’t know what to do? Well here is a tip. Don’t be a chink in the neighborhood chain. For kids, there is nothing better than running house-to-house increasing their stash of teeth-rotting gold. If you can’t hand out the candy at least leave a bowl of the good stuff outside of your house.

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