Duck Takes Nachos to a New Level

Smoky Moulard Duck Breast Nachos

When there's leftover duck in the fridge, you have to ask yourself two important questions.

1. Why (duck is too good to have leftovers)? 
2. How am I going to add it my next meal?

Our friend and grilling expert, @thisjewcanque, knows the right answer to question #2. In fact, he found himself in this very same predicament when he opened up his fridge and came face to face with leftover DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast. What did he do? He did the equivalent of turning Rice Krispies into Rice Krispies Treats: He made Smoky Duck Nachos. This recipe is easy because A) you already have the leftover duck, and B) you probably have the rest of the ingredients in your house, too.

Smoky Duck Nachos recipe >

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