Holiday Party Planning Guide

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Food and drinks are the most important items on any party planner’s to-do list. Sometimes the other details are overlooked. Spending more time on those afterthought items can transform your holiday gathering from a fun evening, to the best evening.


Flowers light up a room. Holiday standards like wreaths and Poinsettias set the traditional holiday tone. If you’re looking for something different and unique consider adorning the windows and walls with a fresher arrangement, like a lavender and herb wreath. The wreath shape is familiar enough that traditional leaning guests will not be offended, but your new take on a holiday floral staple will leave folks saying “My goodness, where did you get this?"

Well you can get it here. And if you are throwing a party on a budget, you don’t have to skip the flowers. Head to your local Trader Joe’s and go nuts shopping the floral bargains. With flowers, less is not more, more is MORE. Remember this valuable lesson when you are turning your red TJ’s shopping cart into a mini botanical garden.


The holiday tracks started blaring around Thanksgiving. Just walk into a Starbucks and listen for yourself. The best advice for this category is - know your crowd. That being said, make sure you throw your favorite jams on the holiday playlist... after all you are the host. And here is a pro-tip, instincts lead playlist creators to feature their favorite songs first. I know you want to hear Mariah Carey, but hold off and place it on the back end of the playlist so Mariah’s sweet voice rings after your guests have an opportunity to sip the eggnog. If you’re the host, it's easy to get caught up in conversation. With a Sonos wireless system, you can control the music from your phone anywhere in the house. 


Holiday lights, candles, dim settings - It all sets the tone. Do you have a fireplace? Use it.


Your typical furniture placement might be great for binge watching Narcos in the living room but it could also create a holiday party traffic jam. Plus, if you rearrange the furniture, you’ll find yourself motivated to vacuum behind the couch because now you can see behind the couch. When rearranging the furniture, keep in mind the party “flow.” Where there will the holiday party traffic jam occur? Definitely near the bar, buffet and the kitchen. People love hanging out in kitchens. It is an undeniable fact