Los Angeles Beach Guide 2017

Beachside: Los Angeles

Beachside: Los Angeles


We love to BBQ. So naturally we love summer. LA’s beaches are some of the best on earth to spend summer vacation. LA is a big place, though. Despite what C.J. Parker and Mitch Buchannon have led you to believe, the beach is not a general location. In some parts, you’ll find yourself next to an industrial plant. In others, you’ll find yourself totally alone with nothing but peace and quiet.

Choosing a beach that fits your needs is important. Do you want to people watch? Play volleyball? Partaaaaaay? Relax?

People Watching
Venice. Go to Venice. You know that crazy aunt or uncle you have? Well that relative would look totally sane on the Venice Boardwalk. We’ve seen things on this iconic stretch of beach - things that are burned into our memories. There are some great restaurants and the water is pretty decent, too. But, if beachside chilling is your purpose, choose from our other options.

Volleyball and Partying
We decided to combine these two interests because if you are so serious about volleyball that you can’t mildly party while you’re doing it, you need to drink a beer and/or take a chill pill, bro, bra. Corona’s were originally designed as a perfect pairing for this sport. NO GLASS, though! Bring some cans and pour ‘em into a red solo cup. Alcohol is forbidden on the beach but enforcement is pretty lenient so long as you’re covert, respectful and BRING ABSOLUTELY ZERO GLASS along for the day. Where’s the best place to play? Will Rogers, of course. There are tons of nets just south of the first parking lot on PCH (north of Santa Monica).

Head to Mali-booty. Point Dume is amazing but if you haven’t stuck to your Stairmaster-twice-a-week New Year’s resolution, don’t bother. You can also hit Zuma which is a little rowdier but plenty calm.

Wear sunscreen,