Perfect Paris Promenade

Place des Vosges looks like a perfect place for falafel, doesn't it?

Place des Vosges looks like a perfect place for falafel, doesn't it?


Find yourself in Paris? Follow this walk step-by-step. You will not be disappointed*

*if you're disappointed, you didn't follow our directions.

Wow, here you are! Can you believe you've arrived in Paris. Quelle chance !!!

You’ve just taken the metro to the Saint Paul stop (yellow line). Now go ahead and take the escalator up to the surface. Come on! Don’t be shy!

You’re on the Rue de Rivoli. Look directly across the street for Rue Pavées. Walk down this street. You’re probably noticing lots of Jewish people everywhere. That’s a good sign.

Now turn left onto Rue des Rosiers. This street is the most important one in Paris in our opinion. Walk down this street slowly, very slowly. There are dope boutiques all of which are worth entering so take your time. Mi Va Mi is coming up on a corner on your left. Go inside and order the falafel. Make sure they add the “sauce piquant.”

Once you’re done, continue walking down this street until you see Chez Marianne on your right. Turn right onto Rue des Hospitalières. Continue and then turn right at Rue des Francs Bourgeois. Take this street all the way to Place des Vosges. But, don’t go inside yet.

First you need to get a chocolate almond croissant.

Continue walking on this street until you get to Rue du pas de la Mule. Turn left and walk straight. Walk to the intersection of this street and Rue Saint Gilles. It’s just a few blocks down. On your right you will see a bakery called Au Pain St Gille. Go inside and order “Un Pain au Chocolat aux amandes.” Now walk all the way back to Place des Vosges and chill there for a bit. This palace was the first ever built in Paris and is now the most exclusive place to live. Amazing art galleries, which are worth seeing, encircle the Place.

Now leave the Place via the South Porte. This way will take you back to Rue de Rivoli. Turn right onto Rivoli and follow it all the way up to the Seine until you can see the back wall of the Louvre.

Cross the street and enter through the back wall Porte. Continue walking forward through the first Place and then the second Place, which contains the Pyramids. Continue to walk forward until you get to the Tuilleries. Now walk in the same direction (always West) through Tuilleries. Soon you will see the L’Orangerie on your left on a piece of elevated ground. Specifically, it’s located in the Southwest corner of the Tuilleries. Go inside and see the Water Lilies and the rest of the collection. It only takes 45 minutes to see everything and yes, it’s worth it.

Exit and continue walking west past the Place de la Concord and now up the Champs-Elysees until you reach the Arc de Triomphe. You should definitely go upstairs and check out the view. Even if you've already been to the top, do it again. It'll be cooler this time because you’ll be able to trace your whole path and burn off falafel balls and chocolate in the process: win, win, win.

Your welcome,