Protein is, like, so healthy.  

Does this sequence match your life? Chicken, yoga, beef, crossfit, fish, pure barre,  REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!

Okay, you workout and care about what goes in your hawwwt bod. But, it’s time to come clean. You’re bored. Sure you smile when you see a poke bowl. But deep inside your dark soul, someone is screaming, “if I eat one more effing raw fish bowl, I’m gonna break a ballet bar over my face!”

Routines are great but they shouldn’t steal your happiness. What’s the solution? Variety.

Our favorite option - and we’re very biased - is Moulard duck breast. Pan seared, it’s packed with around 26 grams of PROTEIN per 100g serving.  Remove the skin and your meal is even leaner. What’s more, it pairs with all of your standard side dishes: sweet potatoes, protein powder, broccolini, B-sprouts. So you won’t have to come up with an entirely new program for Sunday night’s weekly meal prep (sigh of relief).



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