Summer 2017 - The Summer of the Picnic


You're going on a picnic. Time to figure out what to pack. You don't need the 3 star Michelin experience but you’re better than trail mix. Here are some tips that require little effort and deliver maximum satisfaction.

1) Music
Upgrade your pathetic iPhone speakers and invest in a solid bluetooth system. Bose and JBL are great options. Leave the bass booming beats for later. Picnic time is chill time.

2) Blankets
The music is covered, everyone is having a good time but are they comfortable? Are they? Cozy blankets are a must. And for those with lower back pain, camping chairs work too. No shame in having some back support. Like we say, it all starts and ends with the core!

3) Food
On to the most important part: FOOD. Bread and cheese are key. Eating an exotic cheese is an easy way to spice up what can be a rustic experience. And it doesn't take much effort. Brie and camembert are easy pack and serve. Pair them with some apples and if you're feeling real fancy, bring the fig spread, too. And DON'T skimp on the bread - make sure you find a baguette that has a crisp crust and makes a crunchy sound when cut.

It’s easy, right? In one simple grocery store trip and you went from a guy who brings Pringles to a picnic to a poor man’s Anthony Bourdain.

4) Wine
Finally, depending on your local ordinance, make sure to pack some vino. We like Bogle, Old Vine Zinfandel ($11) or Geyser Peak California Sauvignon Blanc ($12). They all pair well with the above mentioned offerings.

5) Good weather.
Don’t picnic in the rain. It’s not ironic. It’s wet.

If your picnic doesn’t turn out as planned because you ignored steps 1-5, steal someone else’s perfect picnic photo. Your instagram followers aren’t Sherlock Holmes. They won’t know the difference.