Grilling Duck: Charcoal v. Gas


Choosing between a gas or charcoal grill for BBQ’d duck is a tough choice.
It's an age-old question like should you drink mineral or alkaline water?


Should you do Bikram Yoga or The Bar Method?


Should you call an Uber or Lyft?


Should you find your soulmate on Tinder or Hinge?

Unfortunately, we can only give you solid advice regarding the duck question. Also, in terms of meeting your soulmate, that was a trick question. You’re more likely to find your soulmate on Bumble (ladies know best).

Okay back to the duck. Charcoal and gas both have benefits and drawbacks.

When you’re cooking with duck, you’ll never be short on flavor. However, charcoal delivers a smoky finish that propane could never match.

If you’re short on time, the gas grill wins every time.

Temp Control
Controlling the temperature is the single most important thing with duck. Temperature control is easy on a gas grill. Temp control with charcoal requires a more thoughtful arrangement of your coals.

It’s not a simple answer. But if we had to choose, we say gas on the weekdays and charcoal on the weekends ya’llllllll.

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