The Perfect Drinks For The Perfect BBQ

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Perfection can be hard to come by. Luckily at DUCKCHAR, we’ve perfected and procured the finest duck. But what beverage compliments your favorite food? Check out the perfect drinks to pair with the perfect duck.

We're based in St. Louis and are partial to our home brew, Budweiser. The preparation is simple: keep it cold, and have plenty on hand. If you aren’t hometowners like us, you might enjoy a Newcastle Brown Ale. The unassuming bitterness from the Ale offers a nice contrast to the hearty, rich, steak-like flavors delivered from DUCKCHAR’s duck breast.

Not a beer fan? We got you covered. Try out this easy-to-make, tasty drink: Chilled Grapefruit Izze +Tequila over ice.  Add lime if you’re feeling sassy. Two parts Izze, 1 part tequila. You can thank us later.

BBQ doesn’t have to mean a buzz. Try a refreshing glass of cucumber water. It keeps you hydrated and your taste buds entertained. With minimal prep it’s the perfect way to quench a carnivores’ thirst. And it’s easy, too! Peel skin and remove Ends. Cut cucumber into 1/4-inch slices. Combine cucumber and water in large pitcher. Steep (fancy tea-world terminology for soak) for 1 hour. Serve with ice.