DUCKCHAR Adventure Guide: Destination Bali

A beautiful trail in uluwata

Money burning a hole in your pocket? Lots of vacation built up but don’t know where to go? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. On the other side of the world you’ll find Bali, one of the 17,000+ islands that make up Indonesia. It’s a country full of world class surf, food and hospitality. So stop what you’re doing, book the flight and head directly to the nearest airport. Below is your two week guide to paradise.

Uluwatu – 3 nights

On the southern end of Bali lies Uluwatu, where cliffside villas and never ending views await. We recommend staying at the Uluwatu Surf Villas. You can rip the legendary break right off your front porch or if slaying surf isn’t your thing, sit back and watch others while you enjoy a cold Bintang. Also, the Uluwatu Temple is just down the road if you need a little culture in your life.

Canguu – 2 nights

Now we admit, it’ll be hard to say goodbye to Uluwatu’s epic waves that you ripped - or lied about ripping to your friends via insta. You don’t necessarily have to, but we think it’s a good idea to stay as long as possible. But if you do leave, head to Canguu. It’s the definition of Bohemian Chic. Trendy, affordable restaurants are plentiful. And hip hotels are a must. Stay at The Slow. After all, it’s a vacation and you need to treat yo’ self. For more info about Canguu check out this useful guide in the New York Times.

Ubud – 4 nights

The heart and soul of Bali is in Ubud: the art and adventure center. Here you’ll find priceless Balinese paintings and sculptures. During the day visit Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, a Unesco World Heritage site, or explore the temples tucked away in the jungle. After your adventure, head back home for a massage and relax in your own private villa at the Kayumanis Ubud.

Gili Islands – 3 nights

Bali’s next door neighbor: The Gili Islands. The Gilis are best known for world class diving right off Bali’s west coast. You can swim with sea turtles, check out the coral reefs and lounge in the sun. It doesn’t get much beachier and relaxing than this.

After two weeks of that intinerary, hopefully you'll be relaxed. You might even decide to stay.