RECIPE: How To Make Lox

Homemade salmon lox ready.

Salmon lox are at the top of our list for foods that are easy, simple, and delicious. It's so simple, all you need is salt, sugar and a little patience. It's a great switch-up to cure something in the fridge instead of cooking it on the grill. What's funny is that most people have never tried lox. The products available in stores are usually cold-smoked (good, but not lox). Also, don't even think about buying one of those homemade lox kits. You already have what you need in your kitchen.

Here's how you make it:

2 salmon fillets, 1 pound each
1 cup sugar
1 cup kosher salt

Step 1 - Mix kosher salt and sugar in a bowl.

Step 2 - Cover top and sides of salmon with mix. Don't worry about getting the mix on the skin side. 

Step 3 - Sandwich the fillets together so that the skin sides are the outside top and bottom of the "salmon sandwich." Wrap the salmon sandwich with some plastic wrap to hold it together.

Step 4 - Place the salmon in a glass dish and put something on top of salmon to weigh it down - perhaps another heavy glass dish, a wine bottle, anything really.

Step 5 - Cure salmon in fridge for 24 hours. After 1 day, drain the excess water, flip the salmon over, weigh it down again, and cure it for another day. After 2 days, it should be cured enough to eat. Now it's a matter of taste. We like it best after two days. But results will vary depending on the size of your salmon fillets and your preferences.

Step 6 - Buy bagels, cucumber, cream cheese, tomato, capers and red onions and do what we did in the picture below:

Homemade bagel and lox with capers, red onions, tomato, cucumber, and cream cheese.