Winter Road Trip Guide

Snowy Wyoming 

We did a lot of holiday travel, mostly by car, to visit friends and family throughout the US. It got us thinking there is a right way to take a road trip and a wrong way - especially in the winter. Here is your guide to making the most of your time on the endless roads.


Traffic and weather can jam up any itinerary. If you’re leaving or heading into a large city, try to avoid busy times like morning and afternoon rush hour. No sense adding another hour onto an already lengthy journey. Also, check the weather. Winter driving means you might run into winter storms. It might be in your interest to leave a day early or take an alternate route so you avoid driving in hazardous conditions.


If your whip isn’t roadworthy, you shouldn’t take it a trip. Seems simple enough but a lot of people miss the point. Make sure the car is in tip top shape before your family piles in to see Grandma. Afterall, you’re traveling with very precious cargo. The safest bet it is to take your car into your mechanic for a quick inspection. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, top off the fluids, check the oil, fill up the tires and make sure there is sufficient tread on your tires for winter road conditions.


Snacks keep people from complaining. And if your mouth is full, it’s hard to ask, “are we there yet?” So stock up on your favorites. Those certainly vary but it’s worthwhile to stop at a local grocery store before leaving instead of paying higher prices for substandard snacks at gas stations along the way. Keep a cooler full of drinks and snacks in the car and keep your family happy.


Spotify, Podcasts, XM Radio are all great ways to pass the time. Kids love movies, so charge up your iPad.