How to Wash Wine Glasses

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Do you have expensive wine glasses? Is maintaining a sparkling, cloud-free glass the bane of your existence? Well, great. You’re in good company. After weeks of holiday parties, hosting, and hanging with friends, we can’t count the amount of times we rewashed a glass because it was still cloudy. Here is some advice to avoid re-washing your glass time.


Use hot water and minimal amounts of soap. Soap leaves spots and residue that turn your crystal into clouds. Rinse your glasses soon after use to minimize the stains that set in. However, if the party went all night and a post-party cleaning sessions is too much to ask, soak the wine glasses in warm water overnight and finish cleaning in the morning. If there’s an impossibly difficult stain, try using baking soda or purchase a brush that is designed for crystal. But the best advice is this: use as little soap as possible, allow the hot water to perform the work, and rinse, rinse, rinse.

Also, it’s best to wash by hand. If you own expenses glasses, avoid the dishwasher. If you can’t stop yourself, space out the wine glasses in the dishwasher and wash the glasses by themselves.


Dry with a lint free towel to avoid additional residue landing on your chalice. Then place on a drying rack.