Grill Accessories Guide


The new grill has arrived. The fridge is stocked with the choicest cuts and you’re ready to crown yourself pit boss. Here’s a question – do you have all the right grilling tools? With so many devices and gadgets, accessorizing your grill can be overwhelming. There is some stuff you need and a lot of stuff you don’t. We put together a list of our favorite grilling essentials so you can be the grill King of your backyard.

Grill Cover

Covers are a must. Grills can be very expensive and are made of components that deteriorate in the elements. So protect it with a cover. Rain, snow and sun can wreak havoc on your BBQ. Buying a grill cover is an investment you won’t regret, especially if you want your grill to always shine as bright as the day you planted it on your patio.


Every pitmaster needs his tools but with so many choices, finding the right ones can be overwhleming. For now, we will focus on the basics. Purchase a basting brush, tongs, spatula and meat thermometer. Dedicate these grilling sidekicks for grilling use only. Don’t let them mingle with your everyday kitchenware. The kitchen is not worthy.

Side Table

The cooking location is set, but where does food prep happen? The easiest and most accessible food prep location is right next to your grill. Most grill manufacturers offer table accessories that fit seamlessly with your pit. Get one.


Grilling goes hand in hand with cold ones. But who wants to have to go back in the house to pull a brewskie out of the fridge? Get a cooler that acts as your grill’s new best friend. A well-oiled cook creates the tastiest fare.