Must Read: NYT’s The Follower Factory


We are fortunate to be members of a wonderful culinary social media community. We’ve learned a lot and made great connections through social platforms (Facebook, Instagram). It is big part of who we are and the community has helped us grow our reach and connect with awesome friends, chefs (professional and backyard alike), and customers. Your valuable feedback has helped us shape our identity, products, and more. We are grateful for our followers and the social community at large. We have never purchased followers and as far as we know, our followers are not bots. We know this because we interact with YOU as much as we can. This past weekend, The New York Times published a very interesting, eye-opening article about social media accounts, account followers, and the misleading practices that some accounts utilize. Instagram and Facebook are great tools for connecting with people across the world. Unfortunately, some folks exploit these platforms through deceptive practices. Take a look at the article here and stay informed. If you have any questions about social platform policies please feel free to reach out to us at