Sweet 16 Predictions...


The Sweet 16 is about to tip off and we are re-assessing our bracketology. Apparently, 1 seeds can lose to 16 seeds but 16 seeds still can’t win the tournament. Our bracket advice was wrong, very, very, wrong. However, one strategy did work: picking games based on hypothetical match ups between the schools’ notable alumi. Since this worked last week (see Syracuse pick), it’ll work this week. With the help of Wikipedia we will randomly pick alums from tournament schools to decide the winner (aka basketball analytics).

Texas A & M v. Michigan

Johnny Manziel (Texas A & M) v. Tom Brady (Michigan)

Johnny Manziel might be one of the most exciting college quarterbacks ever. Plus, he hangs out with Drake. Tom Brady was low on the depth chart at Michigan and even considered transferring. While Manziel had the more notable and exciting career, we all know who ended up winning in the end. In this head-to-head match up there is an obvious choice: Brady all day.

Michigan marches onto the Elite 8.

Florida State v. Gonzaga

Cheryl Hines (Florida State) v. John Stockton (Gonzaga)

This is a tough one. Not many point guards are better than Stockton. Stockton and Malone dominated the NBA with their artful pick and roll. One knock on Stockton: he never won the big one. Cheryl Hines is not a notable athlete. She did however play Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry is not an easy guy to be around but she made a go of it. That takes a lot of toughness and patience on her part. If you can marry Larry David, you can handle any situation. Cheryl Hines for the win.

Florida State with the upset.