March Madness Guide


It is day two of the tourney so your bracket is undoubtedly busted. Don’t worry you’re in good company. Since no one ever knows what will happen, we provided some less-than-expert advice on how to pick your brackets:

  • 1 seeds never lose in the first round

  • 16 seeds never win the tournament

  • If you know nothing about the Mizzou v. Florida State Match-up. Some Pointers.

    • If your friend attended Mizzou, pick Mizzou.

    • If your enemy attended Florida State, pick Mizzou.

  • What if you have no connection to the schools and do not follow college basketball? How do you pick?

    • Google the mascots

    • Syracuse v. TCU = Otto the Orange v. Horned Frog

    • Still confused? We are too.

    • Next, Google notable alumni

    • Jerry Stiller (aka Frank Constanza) v. Does it even Matter?

      • FYI: Jerry Stiller went to Syracuse

    • Frank Constanza wins. Syracuse moves on to the round of 32