The Best Summer Drink Pairings for Duck

Grilled DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast

You’ve got the grill, DUCKCHAR, and the sides. What about the drinks? A proper summertime drink pairing can elevate your meal to new, delectable heights. While DUCKCHAR is defined as poultry, it is most appropriate to think of DUCKCHAR as red meat when considering the best drink pairing. The taste, texture, and prep is more akin to steak than chicken. So forget about good poultry drink pairings. You are eating "red meat." Time to drink accordingly.


Full bodied reds like a Cabernet or Malbec compliment the rich, tender, slices of DUCKCHAR. As far as Cabs go, this summer we are really enjoying the 2014 Foxglove Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is reasonably priced and is a perfect partner for DUCKCHAR. If you’re looking to treat yourself, look no further than the 2014 Chateau Sociando-Mallet. Wine Advocate stated that this wine “tempts you back immediately for another sip.” We can testify that Wine advocate is correct. You might even enjoy multiple sips.

If you prefer something from the South, Malbecs are another great pairing option for DUCKCHAR. Malbecs, like Cabernets, are full bodied and compliment DUCKCHAR in a similar fashion as Cabernets. Altas Las Hormingas is a full bodied Malbec with an amazing finish. Alternatively, try the Trapiche Malbec Oak Cask. This is a value wine with hints of smoke. It’s a perfect way to double down on those smokey bites of DUCKCHAR.


Summer is hot. We get it. A full bodied red on a sweltering summer day isn’t for everyone. If you’re hanging outside by the grill and need a thirst quenching beverage, beer is a great option. If you’re looking for a thirst quencher that combines nicely with duck then grab a Belgian or Amber Ale. Duvel Triple Hop enhances the bold and rich flavors of duck nicely. Redfish Ale is a great Amber Ale perfect for a summertime BBQ full of friends and family.