Duck Fat

Better Cooking Oil. Better Flavor.

Foods cooked with DUCKCHAR Duck Fat taste like a better, richer version of themselves.

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How-to-Use Duck Fat


For any recipe, substitute the usual cooking oil for an equal amount of DUCKCHAR duck fat.



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Duck Fat Health Benefits

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One ingredient. There’s nothing but All Natural Duck Fat in DUCKCHAR Duck Fat. It’s the only ingredient you need.


The Good Fat

Compared to other animal fats, duck fat contains a substantial amount of monosaturated fat which can help to decrease cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease.

Better than Butter

Duck fat is better tasting than butter and better for you. In terms of saturated fat, butter is made up of 51% saturated fat while duck fat contains far less at just 33%.


Flavor & Texture Enhancer

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Duck fat’s special properties make a more useful and flexible cooking oil in kitchen.



DUCKCHAR Duck Fat has a rich, subtle flavor. Foods cooked with it taste like a better version of themselves. You'll understand after your first bite...


When a recipe calls for a crispy finish, duck fat is the go-to cooking oil. Get started with roasted potatoes. Crispy is fool-proof with duck fat. 

High Smoke Point

Duck fat has a high smoke point, which gives you more flexibility with cooking methods. We're talking light saute to deep fried and anything in between.