Duck Bacon BLT

duck baco blt

Prep time
15 min 

1 - 2 ppl

Cook time
20 min


5 slices duck bacon (here's the recipe)
1 Vine ripened tomato, thinly sliced
Romaine lettuce
1 teaspoon jalapeno, minced
1 tablespoon sriracha
3 tablespoons mayo
Duck fat
Whole grain bread

Cooking Directions

Note: It's worth it to make the duck bacon yourself. Do it. Here's the recipe >

Step 1 - Line an oven pan with aluminum foil. Cook duck bacon on pan in oven at 400 degrees for about 15 to 20 min or until bacon becomes crispy. Once cooked, cool bacon in the open and on paper towels in order to remove excess duck fat. Save some duck fat from the oven pan.

Step 2 - Brush bread slices with duck fat. Cook bread in pan over medium heat until the duck fat brushed sides turn golden brown.

Step 3 - Mix sriracha with 1 tablespoon of mayo. Spread on bottom slice of sandwich. Mix jalapeno with 1 tablespoon of mayo. Spread on top slice of sandwich.

Step 4 - Stack sandwich starting with lettuce, tomato, and bacon on top. Slice in half and enjoy.

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