Spice Up Humpday


Wednesday is here. It is the middle of the week. Steve in accounting has already gone through the usual workplace sayings. On Monday, “he had a case of the Mondays.” On Tuesday, he told you we almost made it to humpday and today he is going to tell you that we are halfway there. Every week, like clockwork, Steve gives you the play by play of where you are in relation to the week. It is time to make a change. It is time to block out Steve.

Declare war on Wednesday monotony. Do something different. Do something fun. You don’t have to go skydiving but you can change it up. What about cooking a new dish? Tasting some new cuisine. Not waiting until Friday to see your friends – hang out with your friends NOW. Surprise them with an awesome, tasty, easy to prepare dinner centered around DUCKCHAR duck breasts.

That way when Steve asks you on Thursday what you did last night, you can tell him,

      “Steve, last night was great. I had a bunch of co-workers over for a dinner party featuring duck."
      "You did?" 
      "Yeah, pretty much the whole office came. You should have been there, man!"
      "Well, I didn't get an invite."
      "I know, Steve. I know."