WHY We Do What We Do


We love helping people to experience new and delicious foods that they already like (even if they haven’t tried them, yet.)

Enjoying new foods doesn’t mean changing your lifestyle or preferences. At DUCKCHAR, we say different and familiar – not different but familiar.

Why the “but”? It shouldn’t be a surprise when you try a totally new and different food that also feels and tastes familiar. Diverse cultures have differences, but they also have plenty in common. When we try new and exciting foods, there doesn’t have to be a catch. You know what were talking about:

“It’s an acquired taste” or “you’ll get used to it.”

We think of our eating habits as fitting under a big umbrella in a storm. Anything under the umbrella is something we like – something that fits our lifestyle. But what exactly goes under the umbrella? As Americans, foods like steak, tacos or BBQ chicken all have a place. But guess what? There’s lots of room for more. And you don’t have step out into the rain to try something new and different. In fact, the new stuff will fit right next to the old stuff. You just need some help finding it. 

Thanks for reading,