Choose Poultry Over Beef To Help Our Environment


DUCKCHAR tastes great. There is no denying it. But did you know there are environmental benefits to eating duck and poultry?

Ducks require far less energy to raise and produce than cattle. It’s estimated that beef production is responsible for 1/5 of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, raising cattle utilizes far more water and land.  Beef requires more land to grow the crops to feed the livestock and more land to actually raise the cattle.  For comparison, beef production utilizes 28x more land than 11x more water than poultry production.

If you reduce beef consumption and substitute poultry as an environmentally friendly alternative, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll decrease your impact on the environment while simultaneously meeting your desire for meat. This is where DUCKCHAR comes into play. We are not a beef substitute, but our product has a familiar steak-like “feel” that will fulfill your palette. Avoid the environmental moral hangover from eating beef and enjoy some duck instead.

What could be better?