Why We Don't Eat Duck At Home


In just about every city across the US, diners enjoy amazing duck entrées at restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining. But why don’t these same diners cook their favorite duck recipes from the comfort of their own homes? The answer to that question depends.

Scenario 1:
Take a walk through a local supermarket’s meat department and you’ll be lucky to find any duck products. If you do, you’ll most likely locate a whole frozen pekin duck. What the heck are you supposed to do with that thing? Restaurants don’t serve whole ducks so why would anyone want to cook one - nope, not happening.

Scenario 2:
It’s your lucky day. You find duck breasts at the store. But, you leave them be because you have no clue what to do with that type of meat. You’ve only enjoyed duck at a restaurant - not at home. No thanks.

At DUCKCHAR, we’re dedicated to helping you discover new, delicious, and different foods that can be enjoyed without stepping out of your comfort zone. We do that by feeding hungry people with food that feels familiar and different at the same time. Our duck breasts are like nothing you’ve tried before - not even similar to the ones in restaurants. They come in a steak-like package (a cooking style, texture and appearance just like steak), but have a rich, duck flavor that’s not gamey. In short, you can enjoy something new, RIGHT NOW and no one will ever need to sell you on it with the all too familiar, “you’ll get used to it,” or “it’s an acquired taste.”

The fact is you already like this type of food. You just haven’t tried it, yet. Don’t worry. We can help.