How To Grill Duck


Take a look at the graphic above. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Looks like your grill’s new bestie is duck. Okay, besties don’t cook one another. But still... Duck and red hot grills seem like a perfect match.

Now you know how to grill duck. But you still need the specifics. Consider two important points:

Cut of meat
Grill breasts meat. Plain and simple.

Type of duck
Most Americans believe that all ducks are the same. That’s because the only widely available breed of duck in the US is the Pekin. Pekin is good but the breasts meat is strange to look at it because of an unfamiliar coloring. It also has a gamey aftertaste.

At DUCKCHAR, we use Moulard ducks only for breasts meat. The Moulard has a deep red coloring that looks like a piece of steak.  Each breast piece is much larger than a Pekin’s making it easier to get a perfect medium rare finish. The breasts meat has a texture similar to steak, too. In short, it’s hearty and doesn’t feel like poultry. It feels like steak, but has a rich duck flavor without that gamey aftertaste that “you’re supposed to get used to.” For more detailed instructions, check our grilled duck recipe >.

Fire up that grill,