The Muscovy


Let’s breakdown the Muscovy. Why haven’t you heard of it? Well, it’s easier to find Muscovy on a menu in Europe where it’s also known as a Barbarie.

The Muscovy is a BIG duck. This important size characteristic is a reason why the male Muscovy is crossed with a female Pekin to produce our favorite duck: the Moulard. Just like the Moulard, the Muscovy yields larger (and very delicious) breasts meat relative to the Pekin - the duck breed typically found on an American menu.

What do we like most about the Muscovy?

The Muscovy (like the Moulard) is lean. Yes, Paleo People! You can enjoy this duck guilt-free after a WOD at your local Crossfit. In terms of leanness, its meat is comparable to turkey. Unlike turkey, you don’t have to douse it in gravy to make it good. While the Muscovy fits a clean eating diet, it doesn’t make sacrifices on taste. It’s rich, flavorful and sure to impress your palate.

Happy Presidents’ Day!


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