Bring Your Freezer Back To Life


The household freezer is a boring, lifeless, dark place. Usually, it serves two noble purposes. First, it stores ice packs for when we injure ourselves. Second, it keeps ice cream cold. But since most of us eat the entire container when we Netflix & chill, even that use is wasted.

How do we bring the freezer back to life?

We reinvigorate the freezer by putting more thought into what it can store. Stop thinking about hurting yourself and streaming content, and start thinking about what your freezer can do for you.

Freezer Storage Guide:

If you drink a bottle of wine so slowly that the only way to keep the remaining wine from spoiling is to freeze it into “wine ice cubes,” then you need a drinking buddy.

DUCKCHAR’s Moulard duck breasts are vacuum-sealed and will last up to two years in your previously unexciting freezer. They aren’t boring like chicken and they aren’t common like steak. Instead, they are a sure fire way to impress dinner guests with no-hassle on your part.

Ice Cream
Sorry, our minds drifted back to ice cream after all.

Maximum of one to four bottles, people! If there isn’t enough room because of countless bags of frozen peas, we trust you’ll make the right choice.

Don’t be the guy or girl who keeps batteries in the freezer unless you are willing to give up some of your friends.




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