Spend More Time At The Beach

Will Rodgers State Beach

Will Rodgers State Beach


This past weekend was unforgettable. We played volleyball. We played spike ball - if you don't know about this game, google it. And we stayed for sunset. Beachside BBQ's in Los Angeles are against the rules. To compensate, we ate dips, chips, and LA's finest fresh pressed juice mixed with agave-based "elixirs."

The beach is one of those simple pleasures that never gets old. And while you'll never recapture the feeling of being a child, digging holes to nowhere or building sand fortresses that were no match for high tide, spending a day at the edge of earth with lots of friends and family is almost as good. If you're not near the beach, we're talking about a park, pool, bar, anything  - just somewhere to hang with others.

Why are we being so sentimental? Perhaps we drank too much tequila mixed with cayenne-ginger-beet juice.

Summer starts now. Spend lots of time eating the food you like with the people ya love. We have big plans. So should you. 

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