Our Favorite 4th of July Things

4th of July fireworks above Venice Beach

Tomorrow is the day: parties, grilling, bottle rockets (be careful), your Aunt Betty's famous casserole (that everyone hates but says they like). 

The real issue is not what you are going to do, but how you are going to do it. At DUCKCHAR, we go all in for Independence Day. That means PREPARATION & PLANNING instead of 8 am morning-of trips to Home Depot to buy PVC pipe for a last minute beer frisbee tourney of champions. There's no right way to do the 4th, but here's a list of our favorite must-have's:

1. Flag cake
White cake, homemade whipped cream, and berries - what could be better? FYI it's not frowned upon to eat a cake-based American flag as long as it's made from scratch. You owe that to your nation.

2. Spikeball
Beach volleyball is better than Spikeball - no doubt. However, we're endorsing Spikeball this year because you can play it anywhere.

3. Portable speakers
Not a party without music, braaahhhh.

4. Shade
A tent, a permanent structure, just something to keep everyone from overheating and taking a group trip to the ER.