Camping and BBQ

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Summer is in full swing and you are hoping to spend time in the great outdoors. Many folks flock to the wilderness to enjoy the stars, fireflies, and tranquility of those summer nights. For a lot of people, camping means roughing it. However,  BBQ aficionados might want to deliver those delicious bites in the wilderness. Here is a quick guide to enjoying the outdoors while whipping up an unforgettable meal.

For many, hauling your grill to the campsite is just not feasible. Instead of taking your entire grill, consider only packing your grill grate. As long as you have a fire pit, you’ll have the ability to cook over open flames. You can also leave your charcoal at home. Use firewood in and around your campsite, wait for the embers to burn down, and then safely place your grill grate above your fire. You can snag the grill grate off your favorite backyard burner or you can pick up an extra camp friendly grill grate anywhere grills are sold.

Please keep in mind that currently in a lot of places across the US, fire bans are in place because of the dry climate. Before you start a fire make sure you are aware of what regulations are in place. Lastly, before you leave the campsite, confirm that your fire is out. Just ask yourself,

What would Smokey the Bear do?”

The purpose of prep is to simplify your life. Ideally, when you arrive to camp you can pull whatever entree out of your cooler and place it directly on the grill. Less prep means less gear at the campsite and less is more. If you prep your meals before you arrive at the campsite you can leave your chef’s knife, cutting board and other random utensils at home. You want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors. So sit back, crack open a cold one, and listen to your food sizzle.