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Duck 'n Waffles

Our friend and grill master, Rusty Ducworth, attended the 2018 Sunshine State Eggfest in 2018 Melbourne, Florida. Rusty put his own twist on Chicken and Waffles and developed Duck N Waffles, an awesome DUCKCHAR brunch recipe. Based on the Eggheads feedback, it was a hit. Speaking on behalf of taste buds everywhere, we graciously say, “thank you.”

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Crostini x Duck Breast

DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast make a mean entree. But what happens when you add it to the "little plates" menu? Magic, wonder, bliss... crostini. We've got a totally new take on a classic recipe. What's the difference? We use duck.

Duck Crostini Recipe >

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The Perfect Storm: Panko x Moulard Duck Breast

Panko-crusted salmon, cod, chicken, eggplant, you name it - it’s delicious. It’s almost embarassing to write this post considering the fact that panko-crusted something is on our dinner menu every week and for some reason, that “something” has never been our own DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast. Oops..

Panko-Crusted Duck Breast Medallions Recipe >

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