Wintertime Grilling

DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast

We have news for you. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t grill. You just have to be a little more thoughtful so the experience is enjoyable in the cold weather temps. With a little prep, grilling in the snow is just as fun under the blissful summer sun.

Bundle up

This should go without mentioning but you definitely need to consider the elements when you’re grilling outside. Hat, coat, gloves. It’s all necessary. Your grill obviously needs to stay hot but you need to stay warm too.


Summertime means cold brews but in the wintertime cold beers lead to cold hands. We aren’t saying you can’t drink a cold one while you are grilling but some folks freeze easily. Swipe out your frosty suds for a Hot Toddy. Tasty and simple to make, plus it will keep your body temp above freezing.


Staying warm

You can stand by your grill, huddling over for warmth. Or you can enhance your backyard set up by building a fire pit. Fire pits are awesome for anytime of year but they are pretty functional in the winter. You can either buy your fire pit here or you can be a DIY-er. Check out this how to video and you’ll have your new favorite relaxation spot by the end of the weekend.


Snackin’ while grilling is the best. But you’re probably wearing gloves since your outside. Snackin’ with gloves on can get a little messy. May we suggest serving whatever outdoor appetizers with a toothpick? The ultimate secret weapon.  Who would have thought. Clean gloves, no mess, semi-filled stomachs.

Grill Storage

Storing your grill properly is key in the winter. Snow and salt will ravage any improperly stored equipment. Be sure to cover your grill after each use. And better yet, store your grill in the garage.