Duck 'n Waffles


Our friend and grill master, Rusty Ducworth, attended the 2018 Sunshine State Eggfest in 2018 Melbourne, Florida. Rusty put his own twist on Chicken and Waffles and developed Duck N Waffles, an awesome DUCKCHAR brunch recipe. Based on the Eggheads feedback, it was a hit. Speaking on behalf of taste buds everywhere, we graciously say, “thank you.”

Rusty is a regular Eggfest attendee and is one of the reasons Eggfests are so popular – high quality cooks and incredible food. Eggfests draw passionate chefs from throughout the United States who attend BGE festivals to further develop their own cooking skills while sharing their BGE knowledge with others. “Eggfest is where anyone from a beginner to an elite Egghead gather to share one thing and that is the love of Big Green Egg and all it is capable of. The wealth of knowledge that walks the grounds of these events is tremendous,” says Rusty.

Eggfests have also provided Rusty the opportunity to learn from his culinary role models. “Big Green Craig and Josh Tahan of True Craft BBQ are like ninjas on the Egg and their creativity continues to drive me to challenge myself and continuously think about food and what I can do with it on the Big Green Egg,” says Ducworth.

Summer is heating up and Eggfests are taking place throughout the country. Find one in your area here!

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