Duck Fat Chicken Wings


We’re always looking for new ways to make old recipes better. That’s how we arrived at duck fat chicken wings. There are so many delicious ways to prepare and cook this protein: fry, grill, roast, smoke, you name it.

What’s interesting about chicken wings recipes is that while we often change the cooking methods (ex. grilling versus frying), we don’t always take a closer look at other ingredient such as the cooking oil. DUCKCHAR Duck Fat enhances the rich flavor of the chicken wings skin. But it doesn’t add it’s own flavor. Like we always say, duck fat makes foods taste like a better version of themselves. The final flavor of this recipe is delicious and extra rich chicken - which is the goal. The second bonus is that duck fat makes it easy to achieve a crispy skin finish at the end. Chicken wings needs to be crispy. If there not, you’re doing it wrong. Okay, enough talk. Make them for yourself.

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