The BLT Just Got Better: Duck Bacon


When it comes to the sandwich food chain, the BLT answers to no one. It's an historic American sandwich that millions of Americans eat, relish, and love. We've been making duck bacon in the R&D kitchen a lot lately. But until now, we had decided to stay away from the holy grail of sandwiches - that was until we nailed the bacon recipe down. 

You're probably asking yourself, "why would you mess with something that's already perfect?"

Because we're crazy for duck.

Behold the DBLT! It's the newest and greatest sandwich on the block: delicious maple sriracha duck bacon with spicy mayo, duck fat charred bread, fresh tomato and lettuce. The ingredients are as simple as it gets but the flavor is unlike any BLT you've tried. We guarantee it.

Duck bacon is really easy to make. You need a little patience and a smoker. That's it, folks.

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